The Changing Face of Valencia Street

Wow, it seems like every time you turn around on Valencia Street something new is popping up. Since our last update a bunch of new shops have opened (or are preparing to) and another major condo project has broken ground on this wildly popular street. Below is a quick review of the latest developments.

962 Valencia St - Chrome

Chrome Industries, a San Francisco based bicycle messenger bag and apparel company, recently opened at 962 Valencia Street. Their new store is roughly 1,700 square feet. Downing & Company represented Chrome in leasing this space. We had a blast working with them. Their new shop came out great. They did an awesome job renovating the space. Their design team preserved a lot of its historic detail while carefully adding modern updates. Next time you are in the neighborhood, stop by and check it out. Chrome also has shops (they call them hubs) in New York, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle.

901 Valencia St - La Rondalla

After years of delay the lengendary La Rondalla restaurant and bar finally reopened at 901 Valencia Street. As an old school family run business, La Rondalla has been in the Mission neighborhood since 1951. They specialize in authentic Tex-Mex style dishes and stiff margaritas. Congrats to the Barrios family on the reopening!

899 Valencia St

Construction of a new condo project at 899 Valencia Street is underway. Upon completion it will include 18 condominiums and 9,600 square feet of ground floor retail space. The developer of this project is The Core Companies.

855 Valenica St - Little Paper Planes Shop

The former Curiosity Shoppe at 855 Valencia Street is now occupied by a similar artist based shop called Little Paper Planes. Founded in 2004 by Kelly Lynn Jones, Little Paper Planes sells a carefully curated selection of DIY art, books, jewelry, apparel, and home goods. They also host artist lectures, events, exhibitions, and workshops.

798 Valencia St - Balm

The Balm (a cosmetic store) recently opened at 798 Valencia Street. Their new store is roughly 700 square feet. Hopefully sometime soon they will have some neighbors at this location. There are currently 3 vacant spaces at 798 Valencia measuring 1,200 SF, 800 SF, and 700 SF. Asking rents are roughly $7 PSF/Month, triple net.

777 Valencia St - Vestry_Chapel

Construction of 777 Valencia Street has finally finished up. This building now houses a live music venue named, The Chapel. It’s also home to The Vestry – a restaurant serving dishes inspired from France, Italy, and the Mediterranean. Initial reviews have been good.

724 Valencia St - Thread Lounge

724 Valencia Street is now home to Thread Lounge (an upscale clothing boutique). Thread Lounge also has shops in Berkeley and Chicago.

572 Valencia St - Black_Gold

572 Valenica Street will soon be home to Black & Gold, a designer home furniture shop.  This space was formerly occupied by Monument vintage furniture.

3106 16th St - Cream

A new ice cream shop named, Cream, will soon open just off Valencia Street at 3106 16th Street. Cream is a Berkeley based company that specializes in ice cream sandwiches.

415 Valencia St - Acacia

413 Valencia Street is the new home of Acacia. They sell home furnishings, housewares, and accessories. This shop also sells skin care products by Heliotrope.

411 Valencia St - Samovar Tea

Specialty tea maker, Samovar Tea, just opened at 411 Valencia Street.

While you are here check out our rundown of the latest developments over on on neighboring Mission Street.
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