Photo Post: Earthquake Retrofit

Maybe its the science nerd in me but every time I walk by a residence that is undergoing an earthquake retrofit I have to stop to check it out. There’s just something about the physics involved in a retrofit that I find fascinating.

Here’s a few photos of a two unit building on Dolores Street at 21st that is currently getting retrofitted and significantly renovated.

Earthquake retrofits are a smart alternative to the high cost of earthquake insurance. Most retrofits include bolting the building to its foundation, adding plywood shear panels, and installing shear transfer ties. For larger structures, retrofits may also include installing steal beam reinforcements.

Check out more on retrofits here.

Dolores retrofit 2
Check out the temporary support system holding the building up during construction. Serious stuff.

Dolores retrofit 3
Supports floated on a steel beam.

Dolores retrofit 1
806-808 Dolores Street